In my pursuit to learn more and varied craft fields, I began to acquire a deep affinity for the unique brawniness that always seemed to accompany the spaces surrounding the craftwork. The work benches and tool cabinets of a woodshop, the tong rack of the blacksmith shop, or the toolbox of the auto mechanic all these are methods of organization unique to the craftsman and symbolic of the men who use those spaces. 

Unfortunately, for as important and deeply emotional that these manly spaces have become they are not often recognized in the eyes of architecture. Women's spaces on the other hand - most notably the kitchen, the laundry room, the dining room, and the powder room are everyday occurrences in modern homes. But there are no specifically suited spaces for men. Often men's spaces are relegated to the leftover areas; the basement, the attic, and the garage if his wife is so kind to park outside. So to me, "The Man Cave" represents a new idea in the design of American homes. It is a specifically designated and designed area of the home or independent structure that is just for the man of the house. 

At Dreamcatcher Design+Build, we specialize in Man Caves and are excited to work with you and your significant other to ensure that your dream home might include a space optimized for your manliness and manly desires in life. This could mean building a barn in the backyard to house your hotrod or just organizing the garage already attached to your home to make it better facilitate your lifestyle. On the more lavish side you might consider having us design a full service brew pub in your basement or a complete "champagne room" in your attic. Anything goes with Man Caves, and we are just the people to make those masculine dreams into Man Cave reality. 

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