My darling wife finally read one of my blog posts here (thanks dear) only to comment over at the Dreamcatcher Facebook page that I forgot to include a coffee maker in the Man Cave bathroom blog post. Ah, she knows me so well.

For the longest time it has been my dream to have fresh brewed coffee ready for me in the bathroom when I wake up. Why should I have to travel all the way to the kitchen to begin my morning only to have to go through the process of grinding beans, separating filters, and filling the coffee reservoir then waiting for what seems like an hour before I am finally able to stagger back to the bathroom to conduct my daily business meeting. 

If only I had a Miele CVA-4066 Automatic Coffee Machine ($3000) that is built right into the bathroom wall and plumbed with fresh flowing tap water so you never have to hassle with filling up a water reservoir again. It also has a coffee bean bin and a built in bean grinder that automatically grinds a digitally measured portion of beans each day to ensure you get that robust fresh ground coffee taste. For those wussies out there who feel the need to taint the purity of that black morning potion with cow juice, it even has a refillable milk tank and a frothed milk dispenser. Additionally, it even has a hot water dispenser in case you'd rather have tea than coffee...but really who would?

Melinda Keway
5/13/2011 10:26:15 am

The only thing that would make this better is if they could invent a coffee maker that is two sided but private so as you are conducting your 'morning business meeting' as you call it, I can also have a cup of Joe! But then again if you can afford one $3000 coffee maker why not just buy two!


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