Pier 1 Imports (the Harbor Freight of home decorating) just released a series of new commercials which tend to prove two things:

1.)  Converting your garage into a Man Cave is waaaaaay cooler than hanging some lights on a tree in the back yard and calling it "Wonderland".


2.) Women are freaking nuts! 

While I didn't previously know that women look to inanimate objects like talking yard ornaments and latino pepper shakers for their self confidence boosts, after watching theses commercials I think it explains a lot. While some may argue that men receive messages from objects like cars and tools, at least those messages are predictable depending on the object. A car says "fix me, wash me, and drive me fast" and a chainsaw says "lets chop some trees up". But who knows what a talking frog statue could say next? And putting your life decisions in the hands of a pair of Mexican salt & pepper shakers is just plain scary.

So, the next time your lady friend comes at you with a new plan it may just pay off to ask her who (or what) gave her such an idea.

Hint: Never trust the knife block.
5/13/2011 10:18:55 am

I might argue that women get there confidence boost from social interaction, ie. facebook. The silly items in their backyards probably dont get most women excited, i hope, however i would agree that women just dont have many genuinely interesting items for them to covet (stereotypically at least). Not the way men do, with guns, cars, tools. But ironically its not the items for men that give them their confidence either, its using them to accomplish something, i think.

Melinda Keway
5/13/2011 10:49:22 am

I think you have it all wrong. You are missing the point that women find joy in the small things in life. Women do not need an expensive car or a big tool, we appreciate the cheap dollar store wind chimes and cute miniature umbrellas you stick in your foo-foo drinks!

ps - love the 'never trust the knife block' link


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