Well, to be honest a man space doesn't necessarily need much. Most men could simply get by with an old futon in the basement or a wobbly old stool in the chicken shack out back. But really that's just a start. Here at Dreamcatcher, we believe a man space should define the man (or men) who occupy that space and be specifically tailored to the tasks that man pursues in his space. That task could be as simple as relaxing while reading a book or it could mean getting the guys together for a jam session. Whatever your situation, individualizing your space is key to expressing your dominance over your new territory.

To help with the process, Dreamcatcher Design+Build recommends a few key elements that work in any man space; in order of importance they are:
1.) Beer
2.) Whiskey
3.) Fire
4.) Iron
5.) Oak
6.) Leather

That's our short list, but the elements there cover a wide variety of options and uses. Stay tuned to the blog as we will take a closer look at each man space element and much more.

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