If your answer is no then you are either lonely and live life as a bachelor at which point any space you inhabit is essentially your manspace (mom & dad's basement withstanding) or you need to look down and you will recognize that you are not wearing any pants. Hmm, then who is wearing the pants in your domicile?


Hey chief, you need to get your satchel in order and decide how to make your next move. Too often I go out with buddies only to watch them wither down to weenie-less nothings when the phone rings or the next text comes in. "I gotta go, man. She sounds mad." What, why? Because you went out for once in a great while with friends instead of staying home and painting her toenails? And that's if my buddies make it out of the house at all. More often I hear, "Sorry, dude she's in a bad mood tonight/this week/this year/since I married her."


So what other moves do you have? Well, you can always stay at home in your Man Cave. My friends love coming to my man cave and I really enjoy hanging out in my friends caves. I often use the excuse, "Hey, at least I'm not at the bar" and that seems to float me along just fine. Nothing against bars as long as you're single. Bars can be good places to meet women - but I'm married so there's no need. Rather, to me a bar simply acts as a convenient surrogate man cave when another isn't available. Say, after work far away from home or while on vacation with friends. Otherwise to me it's just a noisy, expensive, impersonal, and unappealing place to gather. 

You really need your own manspace. You need a place to reflect your interests and gain much needed solitude or 
camaraderie depending on your mood. A place to get away from screaming kids, nagging wives, to-do lists, and bills. A place to kick back, crack a beer and say to yourself, "Me..... I am the one wearing the pants 'round here!"


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- just remember we're a design/build firm not a marriage counseling clinic.
12/28/2011 12:50:33 am

A man cave will most certainly be part of every household in the not too distance future. Men must escape whenever possible. What are your thoughts on mixing different brands and they're merchandise? I think the differences can tie a man cave together. I am currently working on a 1966 Batmobile replicar for the ultimate bat cave man cave.


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