Recently, Dreamcatcher was contacted by Blaklader Workwear to test and review a pair of their uber-cool knickers designed specifically for trade professionals. While there is no doubt that Blaklader makes some of the toughest pants around we at Dreamcatcher Design+Build have very specific demands regarding our personal appearance on and off the job site. Insomuch, you will never see a Dreamcatcher associate show up at your home sporting cut-off jean shorts or a do-it-yerself sleeveless t-shirt. Rather, for awhile now I have been prone to wearing Carhartt B-151 work khakis and am quite pleased with their durability and good looks. 

So, stay tuned for a head to head comparative review that pits my defending work pants (the Carhartts) against the new work dungaree contender from across the pond (Blaklader Workwear) in an all out death match to see who will reign as the next World Champ of the Work Trousers. 

Let's get ready to ruuuuuuuumble!
1/24/2021 02:51:31 am

Thank you ffor being you


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