So, I met with my insurance rep yesterday and apparently..........

In order to be a 'practicing preacher' of mancavology, I had inadvertently went against my homeowners insurance by installing a cast iron wood stove in my man cave. Unfortunately [according to my insurance man] the combination of an attached "garage" and the fiery goodness of burning oak logs is a NO-NO in Insuranceland. So much to my regret I now be un-installing my lovely keeper of the flame.

But, the good news is you shouldn't be deterred from putting a fireplace or woodstove in your own man cave just so long as you adhere to any of a few basic rules:

1. Your mancave + fire box combination isn't a "garage"
Your mancave should be a "living space" that doesn't incorporate automotive sized  doors, piles of sawdust, piles of oily rags, or lingering fumes from various volatile chemicals 
2.  Your mancave is "detached"
Your home is your greatest investment - it is also where your wife and family sleep. If you want fire in your cave, try spacing it away from your home a good distance... say 100 feet.
3. Your mancave has a full-blown fire suppression system
Water is the mortal enemy of fire. Having a 1000 gallon passive action sprinkler system hanging above assures you that your fire won't get too cocky if it decides to jump out of it's cage.
4. Your mancave is a bunker
Build your mancave out of solid reinforced concrete complete with automatic closing fire rated doors. As a bonus; You also have a bomb shelter incase of a coming invasion.

Of course these are just a few generic 'rules of thumb' for creating a wood heated mancave and you should first check with your local code officials and your trusty insurance advisor before setting up shop and lighting any matches.

In other news...