Maybe some of you know who Ron Swanson is; the office manager on NBC's 'Parks and Recreation'. Well, not long ago we were given insight into Mr. Swanson's manliness through his Swanson Pyramid of Greatness. Taking up the staff, we here at Dreamcatcher have analyzed his pyramid and decided to make our own.
The Dreamcatcher Pyramid of Greatness borrows some from the Swanson Pyramid, with some very distinct differences... 

For one, while we agree with Mr. Swanson that "HONOR" should be at the peak, we with architectural train of thought know that a pyramid cannot stand without a firm foundation. Therefore, our 'base' is representational of what it takes to be a man and have our own man space. Beer, whiskey, fire, cast iron, oak, leather, stone, and brass make up the materials which we should surround ourselves with if we wish to achieve manly perfection. From there we work upwards, mostly agreeing with Ron but with our own take. Towards the middle we meet with Swanson's train of thought again; 'Meat' is essential to a man's life but 'Bacon' get's a special salute. 

As we continue through this blog, we will be referring back to the Dreamcatcher Pyramid of Greatness and exploring it's individual components - possibly changing a few along the way. But the foundation has been set and as we know, a good foundation is the key to having a long lasting structure whether it be a skyscraper, a home, a workshop, or a cabin in the woods where we go to ponder life while drinking a beer and sipping a barrel aged whiskey.

Stay tuned.
7/12/2012 12:07:42 pm

Great blog, enjoyed browsing through the site


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